Carnival (Karneval) Troll Returns

Carnival Troll

The Carnival Troll Celebrates.
The Carnival Troll Celebrates.

The Carnival Troll strutted confidently, in fact somewhat triumphantly through the town. It was almost as though he was expecting much greater admiration from the local folk. He had spent the day plying the children with treats to try and gain their affection, with some success.

The towns folk, especially the parents were none too pleased with this display but they knew something which the troll did not. It was Monday, and that very evening the creature would in fact be disrobed, unmasked, exposed if you will, for the evil he actually was.

He will be deliberately ostracised to the forest where he will hide away with his fellow trolls. Strange that these evil creatures are never seen at any other time of year. Usually they lay low for almost a year before venturing out again in the hope that people have forgiven and forgotten.

Then, on the 11th minute of the 11th hour of the 11th month the carnival trolls begin to stir. They meet, they plan, they strategise, their hunger for the town grows inside. There is no hurry, they can be meticulous in their work. They will stay hidden for most of the winter, not until February will they again venture outside.

Then, stocked up with treats for the children, they descend from the hills. Leaving the safety of their hideout they make the most of the cover of noise and celebration coming from the town. The people are drunken, happy, dancing, too busy enjoying themselves to notice these strange beings mingling within their midst.

And so it begins again, using the carnival for cover, the trolls make the most of the situation. Trying to make friends, starting with the children, in the hope that maybe this year, for once, they can stay longer. Perhaps for good? I think not.